Sushi Den

No pictures tonight, though I did snap two on my phone, one of the tasty salad at the beginning and one of the bouillabaisse that came about halfway through the meal. Will trot them out when I do my “local eats” post later. Dinner was had here — Sushi Den — a local establishment that touts its imported (from the U.S.) sushi rolls. And yes, I suppose you could order the ubiquitous California rolls, but thankfully we did not. I was highly amused that they played Anne Murray and the Peabo Bryson/Regina Belle version of “A Whole New World.”

Dinner came about as the visiting English editor from China wanted to go out for dinner, so a “girls’ night” was arranged … including one of the married male editors. Heh. My office mom invited me and since I’d like to get to know folks, I said sure. There were 9 of us, I think:  3 editors, 5 customer support staff and me in one of the private rooms with a low table. A lot — and I do mean a lot — of food was had. A veggie and fish appetizer in a sweet sauce, salad with sashimi and fried shrimp, two huge plates of sushi rolls, fried prawns, fried chicken, the aforementioned bouillabaisse… And my cassis and orange non-alcoholic cocktail was heavenly (though I am rather partial to anything made with cassis).

Turns out there’s a weekly “boot camp” run by one of the editors on Saturday mornings that I will gladly pass on. But it also turns out the English editor is a student of Kung Fu and she’s volunteered to give us an intro to some of the various forms and movements next week. Should be interesting indeed!

But before that will be a girls afternoon at the Asian Museum of Art, and lunch at Brooklyn Parlor before then. I do really like that folks in the office are social, and like to do things together, even if the boot camp, touch rugby and watching soccer matches at pubs aren’t quite my thing. Eating and museums, on the other hand are … and one of my coworkers likes tea houses/shops, so I will have to get her to Lupicia, and to try out some of the traditional tea houses the CEO mentioned to me today. And hey, I even got one of my coworkers to check out Granrodeo. I’ve promised to sing her something of theirs the next time there’s company karaoke. (My apologies, Kiiyan — hopefully she’ll give you another listen despite my singing!) Heh.


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