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One month mark

Hard to believe, but as of today, I’ve been in Japan for one month. Heck, this is my fourth 020wmweekend in Fukuoka. The first week and a half felt like vacation, and then I slipped from vacation mode into … just life. Funny how easily it happens.

I go to work — the 90 second commute is rough, I tell you. Rough! Mornings are usually filled with Skype meetings. I come home for lunch, most days, and cook and clean so I don’t have to when I come home. Back to work, then home by 6:45 most days, unless there’s something work-related to go to. Weekends have been a mix of social and practical, as I’ve tried to show here.

Gate, Fukuoka Castle, Ohori KoenThis weekend was mostly quiet, which I needed since I’m still getting over whatever hit me Tuesday. Almost 100%, but not quite. Friday I scurried home right at 6:30 because the Sagawa delivery man called at 6:15, 45 minutes early, and after I got out that I was at work, he asked when was good, and I said 6:30… He showed up shortly after that and I had my last bookcase, which I’ll put together tomorrow night. Decided I didn’t want to eat leftovers, so went to the coffee shop and had thinly sliced ham, plus mashed avocado on a bed of pancakes and salad. Sounds weird, but was tasty. They played the best of Stevie Wonder while I was there, a bit surreal. (though the 7-11 seems to have a lock on Monkees muzak, which is rather amusing)

Saturday I slept in, then headed, of course, to Tenjin. Browsed at Animate, but couldn’t find Random painting, Tenjinthe magazine I was after, so just picked up the Bakumatsu Rock CD I’d preordered and headed out in search of a light bulb for the spot light. Made a side trip to pick up vitamins. No gummies here, at least, not that I’ve seen, but I found Nature Made, which felt reassuring. And at least they’re no more expensive than back in the States. Trotted off to Bic Camera and found an appropriate bulb and what I thought was exfoliant (why does Bic Camera have a drug store?), but turned out to be more like a mask. Do Japanese women not exfoliate?!?

Yakiniku lunchWandered around a bit, including the Kotobukiya store, which is dangerous. Dropped only a handful of yen into a capsule machine, though, to get a wee Jean (Attack on Titan) figure to go with the Ikki (Amnesia) I scored in one try at Animate earlier. Wandered more, looking for a place to eat and settled on a hamburg and steak place. Where I had the world’s tiniest and cutest baked potato ever. Headed home after and didn’t do much else of anything.

Today was house cleaning day, starting with the bed linens. And in so doing, discovered, gratefully, that the duvet is a double-duvet. Took it apart and kept only the light part. Am airing out the heavier side before storing it. Talked with my parents, watched my mom open her Mothers’ Day present (Happy Mother’s Day!) and cleaned a bit more before taking off to explore one of the two parks near me. Grabbed an egg salad sandwich, edamame sticks and iced tea at the 7-11 first.

Ohori KoenAs you can see from the picture, the park is immense. It’s really at least two parks:  Ohori Koen (where the lake is) and Maizuru Koen (where the ruins are).  I wandered around a small part of the moat, part of the castle ruins and then Gokoku shrine at the very bottom. And that’s probably less than a third of the park. Need to explore the lake, the noh theatre and the art museum. There’s really not much to see of the castle, as only a couple of gates and turrets have been rebuilt of the original, but it made for a nice, if warm, walk. I stopped under an arbor early on to eat my lunch before exploring. I definitely want to see the park during sakura season (the weeping cherry trees are gorgeous even now) and lit up at night. There’s fireworks the first weekend in August. Hope I can see them!

Came home a slightly different way, and found a pastry shop I need to check out, and a tiny green grocers. I picked up carrots and spinach there, but his prices weren’t really any cheaper than Gourmet City. Picked up more stuff there, then headed home for a nap. After, took the trash out (I really need to figure out the 2nd day of the week burnables go), went to the coffee shop to read and enjoy an iced green tea latte (espresso + milk + green tea syrup = tasty!). Picked up my Macbeth ticket from 7-11 on the way back, then settled in.

Need to finish cleaning tomorrow, for friends will be in from Singapore on Tuesday and it 047wmmight be nice to show the place off. Also need to put that bookcase together and break out some decorations that prove I’m not doing the place in early Granrodeo  (though at least I haven’t broken the posters out yet). And next weekend starts my insane two months filled with concerts (mostly Granrodeo, but one Miyano Mamoru thrown in there for variety), so it’s off to Tokyo on Saturday.


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