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Cause for Rejoicing

If you live here in Japan, you understand exactly why I may have squeaked when I saw the price on these cherries. The usual packages, which don’t have many more cherries in them, are running around 1100 yen right now. These may be a little dinged, but I’m sure they’ll taste just fine! Fruit here is ridiculously expensive, save for baby bananas, which aren’t too bad. I won’t pay 138 yen for a single kiwi, nor 93 yen for an apple (do Granny Smith apples exist here? I haven’t seen any yet.), though I did splurge on strawberries last week (246 yen for a package) because I wanted the treat. Veggies aren’t too expensive, depending on the veggie, but fruit is going to become something of a delicacy for special occasions, I see.


One thought on “Cause for Rejoicing

  1. Fruit is high here too, I routinely pay $2.50-$2.75 for strawberries and cherries are always way too expensive. A bag of apples will run $4.00-$5.00. Bananas are reasonable though.

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