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Quickie Update

DonutsMade a quickie trip to Tokyo last weekend for the Granrodeo show at Studio Coast, and to see friends. Amazing how easy it is to get to Tokyo now. I was at my gate less than 45 minutes after I left home. No taking shoes off for security. No worrying about liquids. I just got on the plane — a nice Airbus 320 fitted out for Jetstar — and dozed for the short flight (we landed half an hour early!). Thanks to landing so early, managed to catch a Skyliner into Tokyo and was on my way about 10 minutes after my original arrival time. Not bad at all.

Grabbed coffee and wifi in Ikebukuro, then did a little bit of shopping on Otome Road Sweets Paradisebefore meeting up with my friends from Singapore and heading out to Omiya to meet my friend Nancy. We ended up going to Sweets Paradise — you can see rounds 1 and 3 here (but not the pasta and salad) and considered karaoke, but Saturday night prices are just ridiculous.

Gave up on the idea pretty quickly (but now we know which way to head out of Omiya station for restaurants) and headed back to Nancy’s place. I’ve now been in a Mega Donki (Don Qujote) and must investigate the one here … pink leopard print sheets. Watched somSweets Paradisee really bad TV (oh, Arashi, those CLOTHES), chatted and stayed up generally way too late. Sunday was the concert, which was amazing, as always. I’ve written about it here, and then all too soon, back here.

Hopefully a much easier work week this week (it is so far). Dinner tonight with friends, drinks on Friday with coworkers, buying a printer on Saturday, and then to Sendai for the Sunday Granrodeo show there (front row ticket!)…. Life is good!


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