Hello June~

Sorry for the radio silence since the last entry. My weekends have been packed the last few weeks, and the weeks have been for recovering….

Two weeks ago there was the trip to Tokyo for the first live of Granrodeo’s Magical Rodeo Tour. And last week was a whirlwind trip to Sendai on Sunday for the third live of the tour, which was magical indeed, as I was front row and the object of the band’s focus on multiple occasions. Best concert I’ve ever been to, and I don’t know how anything can ever top it. Ever. I didn’t get to see much of Sendai, alas (and it was a gloomy day on top of it), but sitting on the train at the airport waiting to head into the city, I remembered all the footage of the airport under water, and shivered … because you can’t actually SEE the ocean from there. It’s not far, but it’s not visible, so thinking about just how far inland the tsunami came was chilling….

This weekend I stayed put in Fukuoka, for my friend Shaina was coming in for the day on Sunday for the Miyano Mamoru live that evening. Saturday was errand running and melting in the sun. Sunday I finally explored the lake part of Ohori Koen, which is gorgeous and I’m going to try walking there before and after work when it’s not quite so hot. Though we’ll see how that goes with a week’s worth of rain starting this afternoon. I need to remember to take my camera, or my phone, for some pics next time.

The Mamo-chan live was highly entertaining. I am really (realllly) not into electronic music (think a lot of K-pop/J-pop), so a good quarter or more of the concert was lost on me unfortunately, but the parts where he had a real microphone and was just *singing* were amazing. He’s one of the best singers I’ve ever heard, and he’s one of those people that gets on stage and just commands attention. I very much like when he’s his goofy self and not trying to be some smooth, sexy serenader. Smile, laugh and give me that soaring voice and all’s good. Our seats were perfect, 9th row, dead center, excellent view of Mamo-chan. Can’t really spoil this for anyone who might go to next week’s show, but there’s a little film in the middle featuring some friends of his that was just priceless, and I won’t soon forget. Plus, as it’s his 31st birthday next week, we got to sing Happy Birthday to him and hold up little signs that made patterns in the audience (Happy Birthday, Fukuoka, Mamo). It was his first show here in Fukuoka, but I suspect he’ll be back again. If for no other reason than his guitar player apparently ate his way through the city with gusto. And was very amused at the group of young guys who approached Shaina and I before the show who asked why there were all these young women lined up. And upon hearing the explanation, looked at me and essentially asked “you too?”  Heh. Why yes, me too.

Can I just say how nice it was to leave the venue, walk back to the station and have just a short train ride home? Definitely looking forward to walking home from the Granrodeo live here in two weeks….

Next weekend is Nagoya on Saturday morning and meeting friends from England and Ireland for the first time and indoctrinating them into the joys of Granrodeo lives. Ticket 247 this time, so hopefully I can get somewhere near the stage…. Back home Sunday afternoon, so Monday shouldn’t be too bad.

Posted the rest of my pics from May here~


One thought on “Hello June~

  1. I’m just amazed with all the energy you have going everywhere to these concerts! I’m so glad you are having fun!! I couldn’t see you this time but hopefully soon in Fukuoka. I miss going there!
    It’s gonna be a hot summer so don’t forget to take plenty of liquids while you walk around Ohori Koen!

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