Typhoon ahoy!

As I write this, typhoon Neoguri has swept by Okinawa and is on its way to Kyushu (and thank you to the reporters who actually seem to realize there’s more to Japan than Kadena AFB at the moment). Originally expected here tomorrow afternoon, it looks like it’ll be early morning Thursday when it hits and late afternoon by time it moves beyond us. I’m no stranger to storms like this, having been through enough hurricanes in Maryland. Though I am a bit trepidatious about living across the street from a harbor, and having a wall of glass facing that harbor.

Oddly, there’s none of the sense of urgency here that one usually experiences with an approaching hurricane. Businesses are open as usual (that might change, Thursday) and there’s been no mad rush on the grocery store. Toilet paper, bottled water and similar staples are there aplenty. The only things that appeared to be sold out are ground meat and sliced bread.

And in shopping for a potential power outage, I abruptly realized how much my food shopping habits have changed. I don’t buy prepackaged (frozen, boxed, canned, etc.) food for the most part any more. I get the occasional curry mix, or frozen item, but nothing canned and very little boxed or otherwise packaged. I tend to buy just enough for a few days, and generally all fresh. I’ve no place to store packaged stuff, anyhow.

I had to scout around at the store for some suitable items: canned tuna and salmon, canned mushrooms, a pouch of sweet corn, a pouch of curry (could be eaten room temp over rice, which I’m making right now), bags of dried fruit and nuts, dried lotus root, canned pineapple, a cute little loaf of what looks like sourdough. And kimchi, which I’m sure could survive the apocalypse and come out tasting just as good on the other side. And a bottle of water.

This doesn’t mean my eating habits are necessarily any better, btw, since I do buy premade box lunches too often for my own good. But I’m getting there.

Anyhow, tomorrow night will be interesting. Really hoping we’re just on the fringes, since it’ll still be a category 1 at that point.


3 thoughts on “Typhoon ahoy!

  1. Catching up — it looks like you came through in good order, for which we are grateful.

    And your shopping habits sound like mine, the result of having a grocery store on the way home from work — right at the bus/el stops. More fresh stuff, less prepared stuff, although I’ve never bought much prepared food to begin with (the result, I think, of having encountered “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” at an early age). Canned stock and condensed soups for sauce bases is about it.

    Actually, catching up on these entries is inspiring — I should post more regularly on LJ, since life is new and strange in my new place, although I have to admit, Chicago is not nearly as exotic as Fukuoka — at least, not to me. Have to rearrange my thinking on that.

    1. Was just talking about Chicago at dinner tonight (one of my coworkers is from Pittsburgh). Heh. I need to keep the fresh food buying habits up. Better for me in the long run. And please do blog more!

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