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You say it’s your birthday~

Cue Beatles’ song … now!

Having a busy birthday week, as it turns out, which is not a bad thing at all, but has cut into my resolve to walk every day before work, as I try to catch up on sleep. Monday and Tuesday, walked before work in the park. In 97% humidity. It gets less humid as the day goes on, unless it does actually rain. But it gets hotter, so there’s not much of a trade-off.

Hakata Station T-Joy
T-Joy Theater, Hakata Station

Yesterday went to the movies after work to see Maleficent with co-workers. Gorgeous theater! It’s in Hakata train station, which is one of the biggest in Japan. I haven’t explored there at all, but I think a visit is in order soon. We caught the movie in English, so I was somewhat surprised to see there were very few spaces left for a group of 5 (all movie seats are reserved in Japan — but we waited to get there to get the seats). Pleased to discover they have fried lotus root as a snack. As for the movie … parts were cheesy, but on the whole I enjoyed it. Was very nice to see the Kenshin and Godzilla promos on the big screen. Didn’t realize Tom Cruise came here to promote his latest movie. Not that I particularly wanted to see him, but it’s possible he brought his dub actor with him (they did a red-carpet event in Tokyo the same day) which would have been quite nice to see….

Hakata Station
Hakata Station

One of the co-workers I to the movies went with was dismayed when I told her I had no actual plans for my birthday, and told me that wouldn’t do. So tonight I am going to try and hit Brooklyn Parlor after work with the three women from my apartment building. I will sate a craving for ribs and cider in one fell swoop. Hope there’s not much of a wait, as I need to be back for a 10 PM call with my parents.

Tomorrow will be Indian for lunch with a coworker who can’t make it tonight, then meeting up with pearlmagic after work for dinner in Tenjin, and then Saturday will be my first visit to the Meinohama area south of me (2 subway stops) for a beachside barbecue with coworkers during the day. Sunday I will probably visit Nishi Park, which is the park just north and west of me, maybe 10 minutes’ walk away. Might take some boxes for recycling when I do that.

Ultraman Campaign
Your guess as to what Ultra Man is up to here is as good as mine. Ad campaign in Hakata Station.

Recuperating still from the insane 2 months of chasing, er following Granrodeo from place to place. And it looks like July will continue to be lazy and peaceful, though not boring. August through December, though…. Here’s how things are shaping up:

  • July 29th — MacBeth, starting Nomura Mansai
  • August 2nd — OCD at Zepp Fukuoka w/Shine
  • August 15-17 — Kyoto to see MUCC v. Granrodeo w/Nneko
  • August 27 – September 9 — Work in Beijing
  • September 13-15 — Tokyo for Lantis Matsuri on the 15th w/Nneko, possibly Neoroma 20th anniversary on 9/14
  • September 20-21 — Hiroshima for SuzuKen at Club Quattro
  • September 23 — SuzuKen at Drum Logos here w/pearlmagic
  • October 4th — Hopefully the Granrodeo mini-live/handshake event here
  • October 25-26 — Hopefully the Granrodeo FC event. Everything is turned in and paid for, but I won’t know for a while; if not, SuzuKen at Diver City w/Nneko and Mew
  • November 2nd — Hopefully the Bakumatsu Rock event, potentially w/Nneko and pearlmagic
  • November 22nd — Animax Musix in Yokohama w/Nneko
  • December 18-26 — Georgia!


Am I glad I moved here? Oh yes. But I should stock up on sleep now!

I’m glad to have dates for the Beijing trip, since my fall was filling up so rapidly and I didn’t want to run into work telling me dates and me having to give something up. So I suggested several sets of dates. My boss went for the longest stretch, of course. But it does mean two weekends for sight-seeing. I am; however, unwilling to haggle or bargain, so I won’t be heading up to the Great Wall unless someone else does the arranging. And if the air is as I suspect, I may plot out a tourist course full of museums, after the Forbidden City. Should be interesting. And may I not land in the hospital with food poisoning, like the coworker who just came back from there….


5 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday~

  1. And happy birthday — I suspect it started for you long before it started here — the International Date Line always screws me up.

    And it certainly looks like you are keeping busy.

  2. Happy Birthday Baby!!!! Sounds like you’re having a great time, it makes us happy that you’re happy, even though we miss you.

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