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Settled in Beijing

Beijing city scapeMy temporary home for the next two weeks — downtown Beijing. Came here Monday afternoon for work, so haven’t seen too much yet. But my office, and hotel, are right smack in the center of the city, a couple of blocks off a trendy shopping street, and about a half hour walk from Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden City. The latter is visible from one of our office balconies, though I haven’t snapped a pic yet.

Hotel is decent, but past its prime. Must’ve been nice, in the day, but now feels like it should be the setting for some seedy private eye show…. The free breakfast is tasty — steamed char siu buns and bread, and today had sweet potatoes. Have explored near by after work. Found a warren of food stalls selling things such as deep fried scorpions. Not that I ever planned on eating them, but now that I know the little buggers are skewered alive, I never will. Can’t believe I feel sorry for scorpions! Today found a an entire street of food stalls, which smelled good, and were doing brisk business, but … no ice to be seen for the meat and seafood sitting out. I shall pass, alas.Beijing

Two more days of work and then I can really explore! It’s been difficult to focus on actual work, since I want to be out eating and exporing. (though food options are limited except where I can point — at least I know enough kanji to know what meat I’m getting in my dishes, though). I plan to do the Forbidden City Saturday, and then venture onto the subway and go further afield to the Summer Palace on Sunday.

But for now, sleep. Feel like I traveled 12 hours on Monday and not just 6 (including delays and taxi) and slept like a log last night. Expect to do the same tonight.


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