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Two more six month anniversaries~

This past Saturday marked six months in Fukuoka. And Tuesday, which I had off, was six months at work. Had a three month “review,” in which all went well. The weekend was a busy one, because there’s always something to do in Fukuoka. Truthfully, if I ever write that I had nothing to do, it’s because I chose not to.

Okboter FestFriday night was Oktoberfest. Had a fantastic beer (King Ludwig Dark), good sauerkraut and fair wurst. Listened to polka music and watched a lot of happy, tipsy folk. Had a nice chat, mostly in Japanese, with a coworker’s girlfriend, about anime. It was very start and stop, but fun. Bailed relatively early — one loses track of the lateness when the sun sets early — so by early I think I meant 9 PM. Had to be up for a full Saturday.

Went for manicures with my coworker Lexi, and we ended up there so ridiculously early, we killed some time in Tully’s. Pumpkin cake, yum. The pumpkin latte was sufficiently not coffee that I could enjoy it with no ill effects, which is good to know. Now have lovely gradated pink fingernails, and know sufficient manicure terminology now that next time will go even more smoothly. Wouldn’t let them get me an English registration form, and while I didn’t know everything, I got the gist of almost everything, which made me feel good. Still wondering about the blood type question. I assume they wanted it for personality reasons, it but it made me think of freak manicure accidents…

Lantern FestivalAfter that, stumbled onto an ikebana festival and an eco fest, including one stall with a horseshoe crab, of all things. Headed home after some errands, then back out to meet up with other coworkers for the annual lantern festival, which takes place in Hakata. I wish I had a better camera, or that I’d remembered to put mine on a low light setting. The lanterns were quite beautiful, and we visited some shrines and temples I hadn’t been to before — and now I know for sure where the Canal City mall is. Will have to revisit them in daylight at some point. Bailed after we’d walked to Gion and met up with our other co-conspirator, Melanie. They wLantern Festivalent to drink, I went home.

Up bright and early for the next hair color installment. More golden, a tiny bit more reddish. Getting there. After, found a specialty popcorn store folks were curious about, stopped at Baskin Robbins for Hallowe’en cuteness, hit up the ginormous Daiso I hadn’t been to, and then picked up a train ticket to Osaka for Friday night. Bailed on the nearby meat festival, but I think we all did.

Had Tuesday off in hopes I’d land a free pass to the Granrodeo show in Osaka that night, but it wasn’t to be, alas. So I had a lazy day around Fukuoka instead. Two more days of work left now, and I run off to spend Friday night in Osaka, and then to catch the chartered bus to Tsumagoi spa for the fan club event. Should be … interesting indeed. Hope I can find someone to talk to!


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