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This is your brain on IT

My coworker, who’s in the recruiting department, made an interesting comment to me on our commute home yesterday that got me to thinking. (Bear in mind our commute is 90 seconds, at best, so it was a short conversation. Short, but interesting.)

We had met earlier that afternoon, along with my fellow QAer and a manager, to discuss the finer points of an update in progress and a data upload she wanted. Fairly standard stuff, as far as IT goes. She surprised me by saying how she doesn’t understand how I survive being in IT, since even our short meetings exhaust her mentally. (This coming from someone who speaks several languages fluently or close to it and is who I consider a sharp cookie).

I blinked, surprised, because I find these kinds of meetings and discussions routine. They’re part and parcel of a QA role, or at least, the parts I like. I  thought about it a moment, and said the first thing that came to mind. Namely that I am very easily bored, and situations where I get to think, and think quickly, keep me from being bored quite so much. And it’s true. If I had to sit here and run the same tests over and over, which is what my last several QA positions largely were, I would expire of existential ennui. But helping define requirements, solve technical/non-technical issues and create processes, that’s what keeps me interested and going and where I can be a real asset. (My boss figured that out pretty quickly, bless him.)

I’m in the middle of something big right now that will help shape how our development process unfolds for everyone; it comprises several of my annual goals. Parts of it I’ve already implemented and am trying out. The rest, I’m writing up, hoping to gain buy-in from the other staff involved, when it’s ready for them to see. Yes, it’s imposing order on chaos, but hopefully in a good way. And, yep, it’s keeping me from being bored.


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