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Upcoming schedule~

Since I did this back in like July, here’s the updated schedule of what will fuel me for the next few months~

  • October 25-26 — Granrodeo FC event in Shizuoka (and the night before in Osaka)
  • November 16th — Sumo tournament here in Fukuoka w/coworkers
  • November 22nd — Animax Musix in Yokohama. Floor seats!
  • November 23rd —  Kiramune Fan event in Yokohama (hopefully the Ikebukuro Kuroko no basuke cafe in Ikebukuro beforehand)
  • December 18-26 — Georgia!
  • New Years — Tokyo, hopefully. Probably Jan 1st-4th.
  • February 7th — Granrodeo in Nagoya (still working on a ticket for this one)
  • February 8th —  Granrodeo in Nagoya
  • February 15th — Granrodeo in Osaka
  • March 15th —  Granrodeo in Fukuoka
  • March 21st — Granrodeo in Saitama
  • March 22nd — Granrodeo in Saitama
  • March 29th — Granrodeo in Sendai
  • April 5th — Granrodeo in Okayama (still working on a ticket for this one)

Add in Hallowe’en, some random fall festivals, the Asian art trienniale, potential local field trips and maybe a December trip for the illuminations in Hiroshima…. ♪

Plus some other things that may come together, hopefully.


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