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Christmas Cake

Christmas cakes are a popular holiday item here, and some of them are quite lovely, as seen on 7-11’s WeBMR Piriroll cakeb site. I’ve wanted to try one for the longest time, but couldn’t until I moved here. I wasn’t sure about ordering dates, so had been dithering. But when Piriroll put up their Bakumatsu Rock roll cakes for sale, just in time for Christmas, and I could have one as early as the 11th, I jumped.

It came in tonight, and, after taking a bunch of pics, I cut off a bit from the right-hand side for a friend and me. I was supposed to let it set for about three hours, to defrost, but we ate it anyway. The cake itself is plain, with a nice, soft texture, and the cream inside was nearly frozen, so it was like an ice cream cake. And the BMR Piriroll cakeart’s quite well done, given it’s a transfer (I assume) on a very porous surface.

Remains to be seen if I can actually cut into the full picture. We shall see.

And my backup choice for a cake? This Gudetama one that was announced mere hours after I ordered my Sakamoto Ryoma one. Perhaps next year.


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