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2014 Recap, March and April (sort of)

YokohamaI actually wrote extensively about my last days in the States and  first few days in Japan here, and to be honest, I don’t really remember March at all. It was a blur of packing and shipping and goodbye fetes.

I do recall those first few days and weeks here being dream-like. I guess in some ways, though I’m completely settled here now, there’s still a dream-like quality to life, and I think it’s that, with a trip to the States tomorrow, there’s always that heart-string tug of having to leave. I think coming back at the end of vacation will well and truly make it real. *This* is my day to day, no longer my pipe dream of “someday.”

April was the beginning of an unprecedented eight month run of Granrodeo events for me, so you will see a lot of them showing up in my recaps to come. Their shows were the highlights of my trips for the last several years, but little did I know how central they would be to tZepp Diver City, Granrodeohe joy this year has brought me:  meeting online friends for the first time, making  new friends, traveling to new cities, the attention from the band and other fans…. Worth every yen spent on the shows and then some. Priceless, really.

April also marked my first time as an adult living in an actual large city. And I love it. I don’t think I can ever go back to living somewhere where I am dependent on cars. In fact, other than taxis on my trip in, and in Beijing, I haven’t been in a car since I moved here. My feet and trains are fine modes of transportation. I like having so many things — stores, restaurants, bars, shrines/temples, concert venues — within walking distance, or a short train ride. I doubt I can ever gush Fukoka enough about Fukuoka. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, the food is fantastic, the people are so nice. It’s a great city, and it’s spoiled me for other places. Tokyo and Osaka are too big, too noisy, too many people. Yes, I still adore them, and love to visit, but not sure I could ever live in one of them.

Next up … May and June, the start of my traveling madness.


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