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November & December

After the last two months, even an international trip doesn’t keep the final two from seeming a trifle slow by comparison. November 8th saw another field trip, this time down to Yoshinogari Park in Saga prefecture, to visit a Yayoi era settlement. Interesting, but the weather didn’t cooperate, alas. The next weekend was sumo! A group of us from work went out and generally had a good time, even if most of us were somewhat puzzled by how exactly things worked.

Yokohama Xmas DecorationsThe following weekend was off to Tokyo … well, really to Yokohama. Saturday was the Animax Musix concert, which ran almost 7 hours and included a surprise, but hoped for, collaboration between Flow and Granrodeo (plus I got to hear May’n sing one of my favourite anime songs, “Komm susser tod.”). Before the show, Nancy and I were interviewed by NTV’s “Sukkuri” show about  being fans of anime songs and Granrodeo. She did most of the talking, and she did a fantastic job, given how daunting it was to have a microphone and camera in our faces. Alas, as far as we can tell, the interviews they did never aired (at least one other person on my Twitter timeline was interviewed too), though they had a perfect spot right in front of the Flow & Granrodeo appearance on the show the following week. Sunday we trekked back to Yokohama for the Kiramune Fan Meet, my first actual seiyuu (voice actor) event in three years.

After that trip, I stayed Fukuoka-bound for the next several weeks, enjoying the Christmas decorations, illuminations and shopping. It really was nice to enjoy Christmas minus the annoyance of PC-ness or the rancor of “war on Christmas” rants. I enjoyed the festive atmosphereTurkey Hands!, caught one concert in a mall, enjoyed the lights and ate Christmasy goods. Best Christmas season in many, many years for me. And just prior to the Christmas season fully kicking in, my friend Lexi held a Thanksgiving party at her place, which had way too much food (tradition!) and good company. The Americans in the group, myself included, made hand turkeys, which you can see proudly displayed on her wall to the right.

Spent just over a week in Georgia with my parents for Christmas itself, relaxing, eating (too much — need to get back to where I was) and catching up. It was good to see them, even if for a short time.

One long day of travel — and one supremely screaming toddler — I made it back here long enough to grab some sleep, then meet my friend Diana for a Glay concert here in Fukuoka. I’d been wanting to see them for many years, so I’m glad I finally made it to a show. Hopefully will get to see them again next year.

GlayTwo days of work this week are in the books, and tomorrow I’m off to Tokyo for the long weekend to catch up with friends, shop and hit the Attack on Titan exhibit in Ueno. Should be fun! And I am sure I will want to sleep the sleep of the dead when I get back….

What a year. What an amazing year. I am happy and grateful beyond words to have had this opportunity fall in my lap. New job, new friends, new experiences … and attention/recognition I could never have dreamed of. May 2015 be even half the year 2014 was and I will be happy.


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