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Problem solved!

shower shotMy apartment can be charitably called “minimalist,” if by minimalist, you mean short on privacy and storage. I’ve been fairly good at making up for the lack of storage, but providing the shower area some modicum of privacy has eluded me. There is actually a wire in that space for drying clothes that would be perfect to hang a shower curtain from (as my friend has done), if only one end weren’t torn from its anchor and fraying.  I bought my portable closet as one attempt, but it was too big for the area in front of the shower (access to the intercom and bathroom door are not optional).

It finally dawned on me to try hooks on the outside of the shower stall itself. There isn’t sufficient real metal in the frame to hold magnetic hooks, so I went for tiny stick-on hooks, and ordered the curtain, Japanese as it seems, from the U.S. Need two more hooks to complete it, but now company can shower in relative privacy. And it’s a step towards the black, white and hot pink decor I’m aiming for.


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