The Invisible Library

The Invisible LibraryI am fortunate to have a number of talented friends and family in my life — painters, writers, actors and more. People I am proud of for all that they’ve achieved and am grateful to have in my life.

The Invisible Library is the first published novel by a dear friend I have known for somewhere around 20 years (although just online at first, when I encountered her poetry on a Amber bulletin board way back when in grad school). We have roleplayed together; geeked out together over Amber, Saiyuuki, Bleach, Dr Who and more; and had many an interesting conversation over the years.

Genevieve is blessed with a wicked way with words and I have always loved reading everything she writes. I first read The Invisible Library online, chapter by chapter, and I cannot wait to dive into the physical book (and what a lovely little book it is too!). I hope that those of you who follow me who aren’t also friends with Genevieve will give the book a try (it’s the first of a triology). You won’t regret it; I promise! (Yes, I’m biased, but she really is all that and a bag of chips … er, crisps!)


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