General Life

Busy bee

The less said about work in January the better, but the weekends have made up for it. Somehow I’ve become the designated “find new blood” member of the group, and I seem to be pretty good at it now oddly. One chance encounter in front of my buildings has added two very sweet Japanese women to our extended group, and an equally sweet Rodeo Girl from Bolivia found me just a couple of weeks ago. How un-me to be social in this fashion….

And now I embark on three months of incredible insanity that has me revved and ready to get going! (which I do, tomorrow on an early flight to Tokyo/Yokohama). My schedule, such as it is right now:

  • February 1 — Uta no Prince-sama 4th Stage in Yokohama
  • February 7th — Granrodeo in Nagoya
  • February 8th —  Granrodeo in Nagoya
  • February 15th — Granrodeo in Osaka (3rd row!!!!)
  • February 22nd — Umeshu (plum wine) Festival in Dazaifu
  • March 1st — Omaera event in Tokyo
  • March 15th —  Granrodeo in Fukuoka
  • March 21st  & 22nd — Granrodeo in Saitama
  • March 29th — Granrodeo in Sendai
  • April 3rd — Granrodeo in Takamatsu
  • April 5th — Granrodeo in Okayama
  • April 25th — Sakamoto Maaya’s 20th anniversary show in Saitama

There are 3 other events pending for that time frame too. My cup, it runneth over!


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