Japan Travel

A tale of two cities: Yokohama & Nagoya

Nothing really so lofty as a tale, but two weekends, two cities, three different shows, one somewhat worn out Rodeo Girl.

YokohamaTwo weekends ago saw me in Yokohama to go to day 2 of the Uta no prince-sama shows at the Yokohama Arena. Got to enjoy a delicious gyutan (beef tongue) lunch in Landmark Tower on the Saturday, then stayed with my friend Riko in her lovely new apartment. My gracious hostess cooked twice for me, and let me watch an ep of Constantine, all in exchange for a little English editing. Heh. The concert was fun, even from my nosebleed seat, and I caught up with my friend Melissa for dinner afterward.

Work was exhausting and annoying, but not as bad as the weeks before. GNagoya radio towerood thing, since I fled Friday evening to head to Nagoya for the start of the Granrodeo tour.

Up early Saturday for a long, looooong and cold 7 hours in line for goods. Ran off to the Sakae Le Chic Mistukoshi afterward, where I promptly got lost looking for the misokatsu restaurant there. Just as I did with another Mistukoshi in Nagoya last year. Found my food, and the way out and enjoyed the heck out my 13th row floor seat. Crashed, then up  very early to meet Nancy, in from Tokyo on the night bus.

We hung out over coffee, ran back to the hotel to drop stuff off, then headed out for food before the show. That night, our seats were 4th floor balcony, 1st row. Which meant no standing up … which turned to be rough on the knees. Still, incredible show and worth the discomfort!

yakinikuWork is still annoying and exhausting and making me cranky. Growing pains for all. Last night enjoyed some yakiniku (grill it yourself meat restaurant) with coworkers. Worked today, even though it was a holiday, to keep atop a report and earn a day off later. Getting a bit of a cold, which I must baby, since Saturday sees me off to Osaka to meet Nancy, and a friend from the Philippines, to see Granrodeo again (plus kushikatsu dinner with Shaina — deep fry all the things!). And this tiime our seats are 3rd row! (but before that, Friday night movie night to see Mortdecai).


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