Work continues to bekitty stressful, which makes the weekends in between even more precious.

Started the weekend trying to go to the movies with friends, but we sat all the way through the previews and ads before we realized we’d been sold the wrong tickets. At least the popcorn was super tasty — Hokkaido shoyu butter. Yum.

Got our money back and headed around the corner to an amusement center with the intent to play pool. Alas, the pool tables were all full, so we settled on darts. Hadn’t played in 20+ years, but didn’t embarrass myself. Actually ended up winning 2 of 4 games and enjoying it a lot. Will definitely be going back for pool. They also have cheap evening karaoke, which is tempting.

Up at a reasonable hour on Saturday to catch a plane to Osaka. Uneventfuvery happy spoonl flight and train ride (almost the same duration), grabbed a snack and coffee at Starbucks in Shin-Osaka station, checked in and then braved Namba station to meet up with Shaina. As always, got lost in that infernal station, but she rescued me and took me off for delicious kushikatsu (fried things on sticks), even more delicious pancakes, much fangirling and a trip to Animate. In retrospect, I probably should have bailed after dessert, to put my cold to bed, but I was having fun, so stayed out longer than planned.

Sunday up bright and early to meet my partner in crime (Nancy) and a friend visiting from the Philippines (Mags, who came laden with goodies from her and our friend Carli) for the Granrodeo Osaka-jo Hall show. I gushed at length about the show over here, because it was absolutely amazing, as always. It and the weekend were over too soon, and it was back in Fukuoka, feeling a little worse for wear.  Pretty much passed out after my half day of work on Monday.

Other than popping in to the local my pancakestapas bar on Tuesday for sangria, food and to meet my friend’s mom, I’ve laid low this week.Need to rest up!

Received a wonderful care package of Singaporean goodies from friends just in time for Chinese New Year (which is providing a needed respite at work, since the Beijing team are out of the office). And this weekend will be shopping, nails, hair and a plum wine festival in Dazaifu — a brief bit of down time before the divine madness starts again.

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