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Prepping for spring

51ELjUbDD8LIt’s close, tantalizingly close, but not quite here. So I’ve been busy shopping for spring and early summer clothing. Which means lots of dresses and black booties to wear with them. When you’re built like me — short, extreme hourglass — cllothes shopping is a crap shoot at best, particularly here where everyone is expected to be tiny, so I’m importing clothes.

Hunting down things to wear has shown me that jumpsuits and rompers appear to be on the way back in, which I find appalling. Not much about ’70s fashion is worth salvaging, though I admit a fondness for bell bottom jeans and clogs. And shiny jumpsuits and their pint-sized cousins the rompers? No. Just … no. Next will be the polyester leisure suit (which can only remind me of Bill Murray’s old lounge lizard routine on Saturday Night Live).21a

Anyhow, discovered, to my delight, that Forever 21 has a plus size section, and some seriously cute dresses, some of which I can toss a jacket over and wear to work. 21 was a long time ago for me, but I don’t much care, nope. Had to order from the U.S. site, and they don’t ship here because there is a Forever 21 presence in Japan, so the dresses are going to my parents, then will get shipped over with my comforter, which I have decided needs to be here with me so I can store the ridiculously bulky duvet for good.

I was going to be good and wait for those dresses to come in before buying more, but I discovered Lindy Bop, and would pretty much wear every dress on their site. Heldjeanette myself to three dresses on sale and took advantage of their quite cheap international shipping. If they fit, I will buy more. I may not want the ’50s back in any way, but they sure made their dresses for people like me….

So now I wait for everything to arrive and hopefully fit. C’mon spring, I’m ready!


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