General Life

Upcoming fun~

A real post will come later tonight. But for now, my current spring and summer schedule, still pending two events that I won’t know about until later. Somewhere in this I need to fit some cherry blossom viewing and maybe a short trip somewhere…. And quite possibly May’n and/or Ieiri Leo concerts here in Fukuoka. And do something for my one year anniversary (April 11th).

    • March 14th — Takita Isamu (Granrodeo’s bassist) in Fukuoka
    • March 15th —  Granrodeo in Fukuoka
    • March 21st  & 22nd — Granrodeo in Saitama
    • March 29th — Granrodeo in Sendai
    • April 3rd — Granrodeo in Takamatsu
    • April 5th — Granrodeo in Okayama
    • April 25th — Sakamoto Maaya’s 20th anniversary show in Saitama
    • April 29th — Granrodeo in Yamaguchi
    • June 5th & 6th — ROUND GR FES in Tokyo

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