Why are you here again?

I have, on multiple occasions, in my many Granrodeo concert adventures, run into fans who seem to want to be anywhere but where they are — in front of the best live band I’ve ever seen. My fellow Rodeo Girls know who I’m talking about:  the fans who just stand there for three hours, with no outward sign that they’re enjoying themselves, or the performance, the slightest. No toe tapping, no swaying, no nodding of the chin, while all around them folks are getting into their own personal groove, be that head banging, jumping around, fist pumping, singing, screaming, what have you.

Had one such fan next to me yesterday. Stood stock still, hands clasped, for the entire show until the encore. At which time the hands came unclasped. Since this person wasn’t in my space, or blocking my view of the stage, I paid them little mind, except to wonder why they were there. For all they appeared to realize they were at a concert — and one they paid for a Fan Club ticket to — they could’ve just been at home watching a DVD.

As an introvert who hates crowds, but who bounces out of concerts (and particularly Granrodeo concerts) high on communal joy and energy, I don’t get it, and probably never will. This isn’t chamber music, or slow, lugubrious music. It’s pulse racing rock and roll. I was pretty calm yesterday — it’s an arena show not live house, I was tired (five hours in heels at the show the night before) and I was far from the stage — but I still moved around a lot. I can’t fathom not moving to the music, not being moved to action by it. Even the night before, when I knew no songs by any of the acts, I was tapping my toes.

I hope this person, and the others I’ve run into like them, enjoyed the show, and weren’t as indifferent as they seemed. Hopefully they were screaming on the inside…. though I can only imagine what the band thinks when someone like that is up front. Must be a bit unnerving.

Anyhow, the next three weeks I will make up for them and scream and jump around enough for several insane people. Yes, indeed.


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