General Life

I have succumbed…

King Blade…to the lure of the King Blade X10 II.

That’s it, right over there in the picture, looking all sassy with its 15 different colors and sparkly tube.

And I am ashamed at this development.

I swore that I would never, EVER, own such a thing. And that I should be checked for a pulse if ever I bought one. Or for a pod person replacement.

But even the (high and) mighty can fall.


For those who might not recognize what the King Blade is, it’s a super-charged penlight. It and its brethren are commonly found in their native habit of Japanese and Korean idol, pop and (some) rock concerts. The lights sold for specific artists or events (like the UtaPri shows) can get quite fancy, with hearts and other shapes attached. And they really are a staple at shows.

When I first saw them at a show, 8 years ago, I was flabbergasted. Up to that point, I had been to seiyuu (voice actor) events, which involved a lot of talking, and only occasionally singing. And the one concert I’d been to – 2 Hearts & Iwata Mistuo – I don’t remember seeing any lights. But when I went to see seiyuu Takahashi Naozumi at the Yokohama Pacifico in August of 2007, the lights were there in full force. In fact, his fans were so … in step with their colors and motions that all I could think of was that they were Stepford Fans (I later found out that the fan club really did get together and decide on these things, and practice together. Scary!) and I vowed that I would never become a fan like that.

I don’t remember if I saw them at my first full Granrodeo show, since I was kind of in awe and overwhelmed by the whole experience. And they definitely aren’t used at live houses, because you usually have no room to wave your arms around in the crowd, and you risk losing the light, or it getting broken. But they are very common at GR arena shows. I usually just pump my fist or wave my hand (or fan/towel, depending on the song), as do many other fans. But when Nancy and I ended up being 2nd/3rd row at Osaka-jo Hall, I felt obliged to borrow her extra one, since it would look odd for someone so close to the stage not to have one. And it really is awe-inspiring to look out at a crowd full of lights waving about. So to be a good Rodeo Girl, I waved my light around with appropriate enthusiasm and colors.

And I, ah, kinda liked it (In the past, I had actually dropped my lights when they were forced upon me. Or set them down on the seat.). So for last week’s Saitama Super Arena Saturday show, I borrowed Nancy’s again. But for Sunday … well, knowing that I was going to be front row next week, in a small venue, I didn’t want to be the lone fan without a light up front. So off I went to Tokyu Hands before the show and bought my own and waved /it/ around like mad on Sunday.

I hang my head in shame.

But only a little. Rodeo Boys and Rodeo Girls aren’t Stepford at all in their light waving ways. So I feel assured I shan’t ever be found alone in my apartment, practicing my moves.

At least, I don’t think I will….


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