Nishi Park sakura

After a too short, but absolutely fabulous, trip to Sendai, where I ate tasty gyutan (beef tongue), did some sightseeing and went to one of the best Granrodeo shows I’ve been to, I spent 7 hours on trains today. On my way home, bought train tickets for this weekend’s whirlwind trip to Takamatsu (on the island of Shikoku) and Okayama and picked up two DVDs I’d preordered. Had to wait for a couple of packages, then moved the big chair in my apartment to a coworker’s (so I can buy a new, more comfortable one) and then decided after sitting still for so long today, I should go see some cherry blossoms. Especially since Tokyo had been a riot of pink and white blossoms from the shinkansen.

And so I did, right before sunset, at Nishi Park (about 10 minutes away), apparently one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing sites in Japan. Didn’t get to the actual sakura grove before full dark, so will have to go back during the day this week. But that didn’t stop me from taking a gazillion — well, over 50 — pics before my camera couldn’t handle the light.

Write-up and pics from Sendai (and Tokyo from the week before) tomorrow but for now, enjoy some cherry blossoms.

Click for larger pictures. Full album is here.

Sakura  SakuraSakuraSakuraSakura


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