General Life

I’m not sure that’s the mood you were going for

I adore Tokyo Hands. It’s full of neat things, both practical and fun. And I am a complete sucker for their stationery section. Lovely cards, stickers, paper craft, letter sets and more. Was browsing there today and stumbled on something that made me pause, then laugh. I should have taken a picture for posterity. For above the letter set section, filled with lovely and cute envelope and paper sets, was a sample letter. Written in flawless English. Which was a very detailed kiss off from someone who’d been asked out by a coworker. Not exactly the subject matter of any great epistle (pretty sure Paul never wrote anything like that to the Ephesians or Corinthians) nor anything anyone would actually commit to paper any more, if ever.

Odd, but very amusing choice, Tokyu Hands.


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