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Tis offiical now

I haven’t signed the new contract yet, and there’s no raise as of yet (October, hopefully), but I have a new title and new responsibilities:  Software Process and Quality Manager. The announcement went out today, but official contract signing won’t be until the 1 year mark (end of June).

Anyone who’s known me long enough knows that I’ve rather assiduously avoided career paths that would bump me up to manager level, because I’m fine with being responsible for myself … and just myself. So we shall see how this goes.

I’m already doing most of the work for the new position as it is, but now have the added responsibility for the overall quality of the team (a team of me and a junior tester right now, but we’ll be hiring later in the year, hopefully). Yesterday my boss came to me with an online course suggestion for project management, and I did the adult thing (which means not running screaming into the night) and said that sure I’d look into it.

And sorry for radio silence here — May was largely a month best forgotten, but the end of some projects and a vacation helped immensely. Should be more active this summer.


2 thoughts on “Tis offiical now

  1. Hey – congrats! It’s a vote of confidence, ya know. 😉 Do look into the PM course, seriously. It does not hurt to have that in your hip pocket. Transferable skills and all. Heh. I developed and taught a course for PM way back when. Miss ya!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your promotion! Got your email, will reply soon. Very hectic – 4 work/travel students this summer to worry about and a FAT that was supposed to start this week.

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