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Taxes should always be so easy

Since I’ve been here over a year now, I’m now subject to residential tax, aka local income tax. Had just been discussing the process with a coworker when the envelope showed up in the mail a couple of days later, full of bits of paper, but easy enough to decipher:  pay this much, all at once, or in 4 easy installments. Double-checked with work that they wouldn’t be taking this out of my paycheck (like the national taxes), made a trip to the ATM, and then to 7-11. First installment down, the next three to be paid in August, November and February. Novel concept for me, paying taxes in cash … at the convenience store. (Paid most of my bills while I was there too, as only my cable and mobile are done automatically.)

Oh, and the amount? About a third (maybe a quarter) of what I was paying Maryland. What’s not to like?


One thought on “Taxes should always be so easy

  1. I wish. We finally heard from the IRS and the accepted our amended tax filing and if we’re really, really good in 6-8 weeks we’ll get our check.

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