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Not quite right

sandoAt the hair salon today (a lovely place that deserves a post of its own), I was leafing through a gourmet magazine, and developed an instant craving for a good grilled cheese sandwich. I can get cheddar and halfway decent brown bread here, so I can make such a thing, but since I was out, I decided to hit up the new Dean & Deluca, see if they might have something along those lines.

And sure enough, they had an avocado and bacon sandwich on the lunch menu. So I happily ordered that, plus a pineapple ale. As you can see, all looked well when the sandwich arrived ~ いただきます!But when I picked it up, it was cold. And when I peeked at the filling, instead of warm, crispy bacon, there was cold, thinly-sliced ham. Or at least, what I would call ham; they call it bacon here, though it steadfastly refuses to crisp up like bacon.

Mind you, the sandwich was good, if overpriced, and the beer, while not at all reminiscent of pineapples, was crisp and refreshing. But I am now left with a craving for a good, fattening BLT. Hard Rock Cafe has a BLT on their menu, but it was far from good when I tried it last year. So I shall take this particular craving back to the U.S. with me for Christmas. Unless someone knows a place I can get a satisfying BLT…..


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