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Birthday Weekend

A typhoon swept through central Japan on my birthday, which means that Fukuoka, on the fringes, was cold, windy and rainy. But it was an okay day, anyhow. Was supremely lucky in a ticket lottery, so my birthday present to myself is a ticket to go celebrate my favorite voice actor’s birthday with him and a roomful of other adoring fans. Can’t wait!

Dinner was, as tradition here dictates, a juicy Brooklyn Parlor burger. They no longer sell Strongbow cider for some reason, but I paired it with a crisp white ale instead. Dessert was a berry tart that three of us split.

Up very eatumblr_nrsk04xPHt1r5vow8o1_1280rly on Saturday to fly to Tokyo. Spent the day in Ikebukuro, stalking a pair of cows … er, well, stalking two people dressed in plush cow costumes. Roger and Gina are Granrodeo’s mascots, and are incredibly cute and fuzzy.

Saturday night we stayed in Minato so we could have an early start Sunday morning lining up for tickets to the live recording of Daigo’s TV variety show at the Fuji TV summer matsuri. It was nice to not have to ride the train for almost two hours, but … Even though we were well within the first 100 folks lining up, we ended up with tickets in the 650s because they randomized the tickets. So yeah, annoyed. Still, the recording was entertaining (oh Japanese TV), Daigo is super easy on the eyes, and Granrodeo are always fun. The Granrodeo mini-live that evening was spectacular, and the fans were so enthusiastic we forced a second encore out of them, which they weren’t expecting at all. (Plus, bonus double show, as the rehearsal in the afternoon was a full-fledged performance). Looking forward to watching the recording on TV next week.19670011848_98a5add87f_k

Monday was just a quick run to Ikebukuro, then home in the late afternoon. And now I need a couple of days to sleep to make up for the busy weekend….

My summer and fall dance card, which had been looking pretty wallflower-ish, has suddenly become packed. Still waiting on news for a few more things between now and November, too.

  • July 19, Odaiba — Fuji TV summer matsuri (Daigo live TV recording w/Granrodeo, Granrodeo mini-live)
  • August 2, Ebisu — GuraP event w/Granrodeo
  • August 11, Tokyo — Mr. Tambourine Man “Secret Reception” anniversary/birthday event
  • August 29, Fukuoka — Breakerz
  • August 30, Saitama — Animelo
  • September 20, Makurhari Messe– Kurobasu Cup
  • October 24 & 25, Makuhari Messe — G10 (Granrodeo)

One thought on “Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy Belated Birthday April! We have been living it up in our Airstream on the weekends so I haven’t had time to write. Will try to do so soon!

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