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My case runneth over

20239628468_5ca0c23dfd_k  If there’s one thing Japan has a fondness for, it’s loyalty or points cards. Oh sure, I had a couple in the U.S. – Panera, Starbucks. Here, though, they’re everywhere, and they can be quite useful.

There’s the ones I rarely use, like Beard Papa (since you have to buy at least two cream puffs to use the card), have never used (L’Occitaine), and the ones that see heavy usage (Animate, 7-11, Lupicia, though I keep forgetting to use the latter of late). Oddly, the one place I don’t have a card is for my local grocery store. I should rectify that when they reopen after remodeling.20433831701_f36d588b89_k

The Animate card is worth its weight in gold. Yes, they’re not as cheap as Amazon, but the points add up quickly and they can be used one (point) for one (yen), so I’m due a free CD (or the equivalent) very soon. And that’ll be my my third time cashing them in since I moved here. The Lupicia one is good too — 1000 yen off after your 10th qualifying purchase, which could be prepackaged tea, tea ware or tea at the cafe. My K Books card has also seen a lot of use over the years; I think it’s easily 12 years old at this point.

I started sm20427631175_e23e717740_kall, with just a few, and tucked them all into this nifty Hieronymous Bosch card case my mom found some time ago (see above). But over time, they add up, these slim bits of plastic and paper. And even though a handful live in my wallet for easy access, the case is still full to bursting. And it’s impossible to find the card you need, when I need it, which can be rather embarrassing at the register, and leads to mumbled apologies as I fumble about, looking for the correct elusive card.

So this weekend I hit up one of the 100 yen stores for something better, and picked up this slim leather case. And good thing I did, since this weekend also netted me three new cards – Nitori (home goods), DHC (skin care) and Maruzen (stationery). I’ve already filled each pocket, but I started doubling up, so I should be okay until I near 50 cards. Unless they start multiplying on their own. (which might not be a bad thing, if they’re useful)


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