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It’s the little things…


Although to me it’s not so little, I guess. That lovely card is an unexpected, but very welcome, symbol of friendship. Namely, it’s a wedding invitation to a coworker’s wedding, where not everyone from work has automatically been invited. Caught me by surprise when she asked me about it a couple of months ago, but I feel honored and I’m thrilled to get to go. Yes, I know this might make for an expensive day, with gifts and appropriate dress and all, but that’s just fine by me. I’ll also need her help deciphering parts of the invitation….

My coworker and I work different departments, but work together a lot on projects, so we talk a little every day. She’s quite smart and capable, and we share a love of Sanrio’s Gudetama. I’ll miss her when she’s off in Korea after the wedding, but look forward to seeing her dressed in traditional garb on that day (she’s given me a sneak peak of the kimono she’s tried on — lovely!).

As a kid, because we moved so often, making friends wasn’t the easiest thing. As an adult, and an undercover introvert (I’m sure most folks here would look at me funny and just laugh if I said I was one), I find it easier to make friends, but harder to maintain the relationships over time. I hope she and I can keep in touch outside of work after she’s gone. And maybe she could show me around Seoul when I finally make it there.


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. Lovely invitation and thoughts! I was reading an article that said friendships tend to cycle every 7 years. Sometimes I think my friendships cycle back to ones I had 7 years ago and then on to new ones and back again. I always wish I was better at keeping in touch, but have realized most people are happy with the occasional hello.

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