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August, where did you go?

20772287912_01ed60948c_kGlad as I am that summer is almost gone, can’t believe how quickly August disappeared. I think three trips to Tokyo stole the month away, but all three (Granrodeo-related, of course) were worth every yen spent and minute of sleep lost. Lots of fun!

I’ve been meaning to write and have some things planned — just need to find the gumption to start typing. Will try to write tomorrow about fun with theme cafes. Hope to make it to an Alice in Wonderland cafe near the port here soon.

The raise to match my promotion finally came through; it’ll show up in the paycheck I collect in October. Hope to celebrate with a spa day, when I can fit one in. I’ll need it after 2.5 weeks of flying solo in the office (my office mate has been out for the birth of his second daughter).

In the last week or so I’ve learned that three good friends are leaving, or likely to leave in the next few months. Happy for their opportunities, but sad that my time with them is limited. Must cram in as much as we can between now and then.20239627378_504c9d3f8a_k

Will be in Yokohama this weekend, for Neoromance’s Haruka Matsuri seiyuu event.  I haven’t been to a Neoromance show in so long, it will feel odd. The weekend after that is back to the Tokyo area for the Kurobasu Cup seiyuu event. The following weekend brings a girls’ trip to Kurume for a yakitori (grilled meat) festival, which has me salivating already at the thought.

It’s cooled off enough to start walking again, so hopefully evening walks in the park will become a thing, barring rain. Looking forward to that.

August pics
September pics (so far)

My fall, so far:


  • September 13, Pacifico — Haruka Matsuri
  • September 20, Makurhari Messe –- Kurobasu Cup
  • September 27, Kurume — Yakitori Festival
  • October 11, Saitama — Ad-Live
  • October 24 & 25, Makuhari Messe — G10 (Granrodeo)
  • November 23, Toyosu Pit — Granrodeo 10th anniversary Fan Club shows





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