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What exactly are you promoting?

This post brought to you by April’s inner 12 year old….

Japan teems with cute mascots, representing prefectures, cities, castles and more. Arguably one of the best known is Kumamon, mascot for nearby prefecture Kumamoto. He’s everywhere here in Kyushu, it seems. Saw a tiny him just yesterday in Kurume, checking out the yakitori. Heck, he’s even been to Cannes.

He may be ubiquitous, and seemingly indiscriminate about what he promotes (the prefecture doesn’t charge to use his likeness which is rather generous of them, I think), but surely there’s some lines not meant to be crossed, no? Apparently not, to judge by this amusing find in my local drug store.

Yep, that’s Kumamon toilet paper. And not just any toilet paper:  it’s strawberry scented. Why? I don’t know, but it is. And he looks absurdly happy, given the task at hand. Hopefully his next gig is more glamorous.


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