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In search of fall foliage

Did not mean to disappear down the rabbit hole for almost a month. I’ve had things to write about, but no energy to do so. Let’s see if I can remedy that.

Technically, autumn is here, so the last two weekends have been a search for spectacular fall foliage, which is, alas, in short supply. Still, I had fun exploring around Hakata, making it to Rakusuien garden and Sumiyoshi shrine for the first time, and going back to Dazaifu this past Sunday. Rakusuien and Sumiyoshi were very peaceful and just what I needed. Dazaifu is always crowded, and it was Shichi-Go-San day, so there were lots of tiny, cute children in kimono and hakama. Bustling, but good.

In two weeks, will try heading back to Nanzoin temple to see if the elusive red leaves might have made an appearance.

Rakusuien and Sumiyoshi pics are here.

Dazafu pics are here.





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