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This thing on?

So, yeah, long time no see. Work devoured me in November and early December, and I decided to not take my laptop back to the States, opting instead to bury myself in books. The trip was good and relaxing, though United made it marginally less so by canceling the first leg of my flights back to Fukuoka. But they rebooked me on ANA and I and my luggage made it back fine.

One groggy day of work and it was off to Tokyo to see friends and enjoy two amazing Granrodeo shows to ring in the new year. And now back at work. Still stressful, but not quite as much. My travel plans aren’t as insane as last year, but there’s some fun shows planned for here and Tokyo over the next three or four months; looking forward to them all!

Two random things for today — first, a new set of plates (upgrading from the kitchenware that came with the apartment). They’re tiny, but lovely, and as close to my Mikasa black orchid china (stored in the States) as I can get.


And then there’s this. The coloring book was a Christmas gift, and the pencils came at the same time as the plates. Should be fun!



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