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Monet & the Little Twin Stars

It’s turned unpleasantly cold here, with driving wind and swirling snow, which gratefully doesn’t stick. Hoping it goes away after the upcoming weekend’s deep freeze. Brrr.



Sunday wasn’t so cold, just pouring rain, which I tromped through to go see part one of the Fukuoka Art Museum’s Monet Exhibit. The damp walk was worth it, though, as the exhibit was very well done. It included not just Monet’s paintings, but portraits of Monet and his wife done by Renoir, which were exquisite, and some items from his personal collection, including Renoir, Delacroix and Rodin. Definitely looking forward to going back in February for part two. (and distressed to find out the museum is closing for 2.5 years for renovations in September)





Tonight, braved the cold to meet up with my friend Lexi to visit the Kiki and Lala Cafe at theParco. Kiki and Lala are two Sanrio characters known as the Little Twin Stars. Which is about all I knew about them going in — other than knowing the cafe had to be cute. Tis Sanrio, after all. And indeed, it was really, really cute, with okay food and tasty hot chocolate with really cute foam artwork that managed to stick around until almost the end.

The next cafe to come in is for Sanrio’s Cinnamon Roll. Really hope one for Gudetama or Show By Rock makes it here.



Busy weekend coming up — office New Year’s party and two concerts (Vamps & Sakamoto Maaya). But for now it’s all about staying warm and getting through the work week.



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