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“Just for One Day” photo exhibit

This past week, the Tsutaya in Tenjin had an exhibit of photos of David Bowie done by local photographer Sukita Masayoshi. He knew Bowie for over 40 years and took some of the most iconic photos of the singer.

Sukita apparently had a talk about the exhibition on Wednesday, but I couldn’t go (and wouldn’t have understood anyhow), so I made a point of going to the Tsutaya to see the photos. They had been blown up and arranged throughout the DVD rental section, making kind of a hide and seek game to hunt down all the photos. Also made it hard to snap full pics of some of them, because they were located in narrow rows of shelves. Still, it was fun peeping around corners to see if a photo was in the next aisle or not.

I’m torn between whether I like the colorful Ziggy era photos or the later, less staged ones of Bowie sans stage persona. Maybe the latter, by a tiny bit. Either way, I’m glad I was able to stop by for the short run.



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