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Unexpected thumbs up

Often, when there’s nothing worth watching on the telly, I flip to one of the several music video channels on cable, for background noise (yes, music videos are on 24-7 here; even MTV mostly runs videos). Frequently I’m appalled by what’s on, because there’s oodles and oodles of interchangeable girl groups in floofy dresses performing bad choreography, which is not my thing. (I will cop to adoring E-girls for reasons I can’t explain. But they’re the lone exception. And they have amazing choreography.) One or two songs in ten is an honest-to-goodness rock band, which gives me hope in the future of music. And very occasionally there’s a video that I end up liking, regardless of the music.

One such video caught my attention last night, Ketsumeishi’s “Saraba Namida” (Farewell Tears) . After the first minute or so, I was prepared to be all pissed off at the guys behind the video, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Not the song itself, which is largely forgettable (to me, at least), but the lovely message of the video itself. Thanks for not playing to type!


One thought on “Unexpected thumbs up

  1. The song was terrible, but the video made me tear up. Also, I want the model and baby photographer to get married and have adorable babies.

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