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I was never a fan of Sanrio characters before moving here. I’ve always been disturbed by Hello Kitty’s lack of mouth, and many others are just way too sugary sweet for me. A visit to the Sanrio theme park Puroland didn’t help, as I found it kind of dark and creepy, which doesn’t mesh with the characters. I didn’t mind the angry little penguin, Badtz Maru, or the bad bunny, Kuromi. But not enough to buy anything of theirs, or go out of my way to see events or specials.

And then Sanrio realized it had markets it wasn’t tapping. Cue Gudetama, the lazy egg. Finally, a critter character after my own heart. Love that little egg. And then came Show by Rock, with its goth boy band, Shingan Crimsonz, all voiced by well known voice actors, including Granrodeo’s lead singer. They got me hook, line and sinker.

So last weekend saw me taking in two Sanrio-related things before a Granrodeo event:  the Gudetama airline exhibit (mostly photo ops) and some Shingan Crimsonz food at Namja Town. I’m sure my old self would cringe, but, yeah, Sanrio fan now….

And yes of course I squished the giant Gudetama butt. It was a moral imperative that I do so.


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