Japan Travel

Northern exposure

Sapporo, August 2016 018I’m almost done with my Rodeo Girl adventures for the summer, but still have around 6 weeks of travel and insanity (of the fun kind) to go. Still having technical difficulties, which is why no posts, but I’ve learned to upload to Google, download at work and upload to here. It’s a small victory, but I’ll take it.

Two weekends ago I flew to Sapporo for a pair of Granrodeo shows,marking my first trip to Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido. The shows were amazing, and I had a good time, despite the non-welcoming nature of the weekend’s weather. Namely, the dregs of one typhoon and the leading edge of another. It took me an hour to get in from the airport, usually just a half hour ride, and my friend almost got stranded in another nearby city because the trains stopped running. Thankfully everything worked out and no shows were missed.

Sapporo, August 2016 001But it does mean I didn’t get to do much sight-seeing, just the entertainment district for food, and Hokkaido Shrine on a super-rainy Monday morning. So I definitely need to go back when the weather is better. Even the little I saw left a good impression and gave me food for thought —

  • Sapporo was built with a European sensibility, which means on a grid. What it loses in charm because of that it gains in being easy to navigate (Google maps be damned). Sapporo station was literally a straight shot to the live venue, and my hotel right on the other side of the station.
  • You can also navigate the city underground. There’s extensive tunnels, which help you avoid rain and snow. Very handy.20160821_122426
  • The entertainment district had a very different feel from Fukuoka’s. It seemed like family spots like restaurants and bowling were shoulder to shoulder with host/hostess clubs and bars. Saw some nice bars that opened on the street that would be pleasant when it’s not raining.
  • I did hit the food highlights:  Hakodate shio (salt) ramen, lamb, ice cream and crab rice, but I need to go back and eat my way through the city.

Until next time, Sapporo!


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