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What day is it again?

My busy summer came to a crescendo in September, starting with 2 Granrodeo concerts, 4 seiyuu events (featuring Granrodeo’s lead singer), my parents’ arrival in Japan, another Granrodeo concert, and a trip to Cambodia. I’m not quite done running around like mad, but almost. At least I have this weekend to recover before the last of it.

While I had visited Japan 21 times before moving here, my dad had only landed here in transit to Korea in the mid-1960s, and my mom had never been to this part of Asia at all. So this trip was a whole new world for them, really. And my chance to show off Fukuoka and why I love it here, in Kyushu and in Japan so much. I may have worn them out in the process, but I showed off, in no particular order:

  • Kego shrine
  • Kushida shrine
  • Sumiyoshi shrine
  • Rakusuien Garden
  • Tochouji temple
  • Dazaifu shrine
  • Nanzoin temple
  • And a full day trip to Kagoshima for the volcano (Sakurajima) and an amazing garden, including a 50 minute bay cruise

We also did the Tenjin department store food halls underground one day, because of torrential rain, and they wandered about on their own while I was at the Granrodeo show, even venturing into an owl cafe (one up on me, I haven’t been to any animal cafe yet). There was also a baseball game at Yafuoku Dome (the Hawks even obliged, winning!). We did not fit in Nagasaki, because of exhaustion and the remnants of the typhoon, but that’s when we hit Daziafu instead.

The trip wrapped up with a long weekend in Cambodia, which I’ll write about separately.

My parents seemed to like Fukuoka a lot, especially the abundance of tasty restaurants. I hope they can come visit again and I can show off more of this amazing place I call home.

A few pics, the rest can be seen here and here.


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