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Let’s all go to the movies

lets-go-to-the-moviesI haven’t been to the movies in quite a while now (two years? not since the over-long, over-obvious, boring as heck Interstellar), but I’ve recently signed up for Netflix again, and it got me thinking about my relationship to motion pictures….

I have a small confession to make, one that won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s watched a movie with me:  I’m a movie snob. Not in the “If it’s not Oscar-worthy, I shan’t watch it” sense, or an “if it’s not an obscure art-house movie, I’ve no interest” sense, but more in an anti-mainstream movie sense. The bigger, the more popular a movie (the louder the laughs or explosions, the more obvious heart-string tugging), the less likely I am to take any interest in it, let alone enjoy it.  Heck, good luck even getting me to watch it. I don’t set out to be that way, but that’s invariably how it turns out.

Don’t get me wrong, a movie doesn’t have to be high brow for me to like it — Army of Darkness, Zoolander, Kung Fu Hustle and Real Genius are several of my absolute faves — but a movie that makes me think is far more likely to garner my interest than super heroes (or super villains), loud explosions, romances or underdog triumphs. I accept that these movies entertain others. But they don’t move me. A movie that can make me think AND laugh (or cry) AND is lovely to look at has hit the trifecta for me.

Rather than dwell on movies I don’t like (and likely arouse righteous indignation in most anyone reading this), let me share a few of my favorite movies instead. Try a some of them out. ^_^

(I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, and will kick myself later, but these are the first ones that come to mind.)

(I have a definite fondness for Hong Kong movies, particularly those with Leslie Cheung or Tony Leung, and this list doesn’t even touch on the Japanese movies I adore. I’ll save those for another post.)


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