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Candle, meet flame~

February ended quietly, but March has more than made up for that brief interlude. Last week I attended four concerts (two on one day) in five days and three cities (Tokyo, Kumamoto and Sendai) … and I’m off tomorrow for one more in yet a different city (Yokohama). And then my parents come in and I will play tour guide for Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And then I get to sleep for a bit.

Just this morning, I shared a Facebook memory from when I announced that I was moving to Fukuoka. In it, I said how much I was looking forward to exploring Japan leisurely. And I can only laugh, given that I spend so much time scurrying from one part of Japan to another. My mother joked that I’m not only burning the candle at both ends, but in the middle too. And I suppose it does seem that way to folks. The question I’m most often asked about my travels is “How do you do it?” Not monetarily, but physically and emotionally. And I always smile, shrug a bit and reply, “I just do it.”

And at the risk of seeming flippant, that really is how all the travel happens. I don’t stop to think that I’m no spring chicken and probably should slow down, or demonstrate decorum befitting my age. I decide what I want to do (which is generally chasing Granrodeo) and I move whatever mountains there may be in my way (such as getting tickets), buy my plane or train ticket, book my hotel and off I go (I’ve become much less anal retentive about making travel plans).

And tired as I might be after some jaunts, I’ve yet to regret a single moment. I’ve made more good memories in the three short years I’ve been here than in the 20+ years before. And after losing a good college friend this week who was but a year older than me, I am more convinced than ever that life’s too short for me to stop and think “Should I really do this?” I spent too much of my adult life saying “I can’t do this, because…” Now my mantra is “I can do it!” And then I do it. ^_^


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