Japan Travel

Family trip: Miyajima and Hiroshima

When last we left our intrepid travelers, they had just wrapped up a day and a half in Kyoto. On the 19th, we headed west again, stopping in Hiroshima. After a quick detour to the hotel to drop off bags, it was off to Itsukushima island aka Miyajima. My mom had fallen in love with my fall foliage pics from there and wanted to visit. It’s so very easy, and if you have a rail pass, fully covered, including the ferry ride out to the island.

Turned out to be a lovely day, and though we tried to time the high tide, we got there a few minutes after, and it was already pulling back from the shrine itself, unfortunately. Though that did mean some long-legged birds were wandering around, looking for fish. Though full of people, the island and shrine were as lovely as ever, and the weather was perfect. Stuck around for dinner time, enjoying a pub-like place attached to a hotel. Best clams I’ve ever had, hands down.

Next day, thanks to the convenience of our hotel, we walked around Hiroshima itself. We were a very short distance from the Peace Park, which we visited briefly after brunch at a cafe I’ve always wondered about. It’s right on the river across from the park. Nice location, and who knew oysters brioche would make a tasty breakfast (now I know it assuredly does!). Walked back around by the Peace Dome, then over to Gokoku Shrine (where we paused to buy ema and soft-serve ice cream), the castle and lastly to beautiful Shukkei garden where my parents were finally able to feed some koi. The tree in the pics below, by the way, is a willow tree that somehow survived the blast.

By then it was time to head back to Fukuoka, so we hopped the next available train, which turned out to be the Evangelion train! I’m not a big Eva fan (quite the contrary), but it was still quite neat, and I went up to the first car, which has some tiny models, a pilot seat and some other things. Had a delicious meal of grilled things on sticks (yakitori in Fukuoka is above and beyond elsewhere!) and headed for sleep, sweet sleep.

Next up:  Down time in Fukuoka & Nagasaki day trip


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