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Kameido Shrine wisteria

Spring in Japan is a succession of flower explosions, starting early with the plum blossoms. Sakura, azalea and wisteria follow in quick succession from March-April. I’ve managed some prime plum, sakura and azalea viewing before, but until last week, had not managed to catch the wisteria in bloom, other than a few small trellises locally. So when Nancy suggested a visit to Kameido Shrine before the Granrodeo event during Golden Week, I was all for it. Especially since I’d never been to the shrine before somehow.

That day was hot, and the shrine was super crowded, but even nearing their end, the wisteria were lovely and worth the visit. Plus there were tons of turtles, carp and one beautiful heron holding court. I will definitely be back when there’s less people, so I can take better pictures of the shrine itself.

I’d hoped to catch more sakura in Sapporo next week, but they already peaked. So next up will be an iris festival in two weekends.



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