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I’ve been remiss….

Well, more accurately, I’ve been swamped with work, running around Japan on weekends and been down with something not quite a cold, but just as evil. So no energy for writing. Finally on the mend (no more harboring Asomodeus and Beelzebub in my sinuses), but still on the run … and swamped with work.

June has seen me off to Tokyo and Hiroshima for shows, with a stay here in Fukuoka the weekend in between. I start July off in Sendai, with a cruise around Matsushima bay (very likely in the pouring rain) and two more shows. Despite being under the weather, I’ve enjoyed the shows, and in Fukuoka and Hiroshima, some really good food.

Finally tried some Nagahama ramen, which was supremely delicious. I live all of 10 minutes walk from Nagahama, but never want to pop into one of the ramen places by myself. So glad I finally got to try some. And the following night, tried out a meat place in Nagahama that has 100 yen happy hour beers and some good all you can grill/eat deals. Ate chicken til I was fit to bursting.

In Hiroshima, it was oysters. Of course it was oysters. This time 1 kg of grilled oysters, still in the shell, and fried oysters. With a side of anago (sea eel) tempura and sardine tempura. Grilled oysters are the way to go. So plump, juicy and delicious. Could have eaten another order’s worth, I’m sure. And finally found a sake I don’t dislike — Yamaguchi’s Dassai. Sweet and mild.

This weekend will bring gyutan, gyutan … and probably some sea food, just for a change.




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