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Whimsical wisteria

Last year I visited Kameido Shrine in Tokyo for my first real taste of wisteria in Japan, but this year I decided to stick closer to home, venturing to the southern part of the prefecture with my friend Satomi. Yanagawa is probably better known for its canals (and boat rides thereupon) than for its wisteria,…… Continue reading Whimsical wisteria


The land of eight ladies

The last Saturday of March, a friend and I joined a bus tour to the Yame district of Fukuoka prefecture, an area best known for its high quality sencha green tea. Yame is written as 八女, which, taken separately, are the kanji for eight and for woman, hence the title of this blog (and a…… Continue reading The land of eight ladies

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March (not so) madness

March has been a quiet month for the most part, waiting out the cold and longing for spring and sakura blossoms.  Soon…. The first weekend, went to Osaka to see Granrodeo and Suzumura Kenichi  play as part of the annual Animax Musix anime song event at Osaka-jo Hall. I hadn’t been to Animax since my…… Continue reading March (not so) madness