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Tempis, he doth fugit

2018 is already slipping away from me, it seems. Can’t believe I haven’t written here in over a month. Especially since February is a down month with almost no travel and I have plenty of time for writing. I blame the cold. I know many folks would scoff at my highs of 4 C (some…… Continue reading Tempis, he doth fugit

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Sneaky September

Another whirlwind month gone by. Another insanely busy set of weekends. September has been quite a full month, even with two and a half weekends at home. I started the month by managing to embarrass myself face-to-face with Granrodeo (my Japanese deserted me post-haste when the lead singer took my hands; the guitarist teased me…… Continue reading Sneaky September

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August, gone in a flash

I really should write more often. I have things to write about, but I’m generally not around on weekends, and too tired during the week to “put pen to paper,” as it were. When last I left off, I was about to dash to Osaka for more Granrodeo shows. Which I did, and they were…… Continue reading August, gone in a flash

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Depths of summer

Summer is indeed quite upon us. Daytime temps soaring to 35 C, a symphony of cicadas greeting every open door, the bone-chilling freeze of over-airconditioned stores…. Nagoya was disgustingly hot and humid. It’s special that way. But I insisted on doing a tiny bit of playing tourist anyhow. Had wanted to visit Inuyama castle and…… Continue reading Depths of summer