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March (not so) madness

March has been a quiet month for the most part, waiting out the cold and longing for spring and sakura blossoms.  Soon…. The first weekend, went to Osaka to see Granrodeo and Suzumura Kenichi  play as part of the annual Animax Musix anime song event at Osaka-jo Hall. I hadn’t been to Animax since my…… Continue reading March (not so) madness

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Tempis, he doth fugit

2018 is already slipping away from me, it seems. Can’t believe I haven’t written here in over a month. Especially since February is a down month with almost no travel and I have plenty of time for writing. I blame the cold. I know many folks would scoff at my highs of 4 C (some…… Continue reading Tempis, he doth fugit

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Hither, thither and yon

Well, maybe not quite that far-flung, but a couple of weekends ago I flew from here to Tokyo, immediately headed to deep suburban Saitama, back to Tokyo … back to Saitama, and then to Yokohama the next day. Busy bee, that’s me. My initial foray into Saitama was to visit the Taoist temple Granrodeo used…… Continue reading Hither, thither and yon