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Where in Japan is Summerqueen?!

When last we left our intrepid Rodeo Girl, she was recuperating from sinusitis (Pro tip, children: if you’re taking prescription allergy meds, don’t decide to just stop cold turkey; that’s what I did and opened up my poor nose as a gateway to a previously unknown hell. Just don’t) and preparing to jet off to…… Continue reading Where in Japan is Summerqueen?!

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I’ve been remiss….

Well, more accurately, I’ve been swamped with work, running around Japan on weekends and been down with something not quite a cold, but just as evil. So no energy for writing. Finally on the mend (no more harboring Asomodeus and Beelzebub in my sinuses), but still on the run … and swamped with work. June…… Continue reading I’ve been remiss….

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Winter perfection

Winter days don’t get much better than today — sky of blue, nary a cloud in sight, 15 C, bearable humidity — which is why I was more than happy to walk to and from errand-running in Tenjin. And ever so often I’d look up and just grin (probably making those around me wonder what…… Continue reading Winter perfection

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Howdy, 2017

2016 has come and gone, and 2017 has begun, with lovely weather and adventures awaiting. Spent a lovely, quiet Christmas with my parents in Georgia. It inadvertently became a Colin Firth Christmas, as I saw four separate movies with him, one of which was excellent, two of which were entertaining and one that was sadly…… Continue reading Howdy, 2017

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April’s grand adventure, part one

This year, as last year, I worked all of Golden Week (a series of holidays usually the first week of May), so had four days off to play with. Last year I spent a week in Tokyo, capped off by the two 10th ANNIVERSARY FES ROUND GR Granrodeo concerts. This year, the Granrodeo Fan Club…… Continue reading April’s grand adventure, part one